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"Rose City Day Nursery is a gem. We have watched our neighbor, niece, daughter, and now our son all thrive at Rose City. The teachers are incredible and are ALWAYS engaged with the kids in meaningful activities. You will never find a teacher on their cell phone or supervising from afar; they are on the ground playing, engaging, and helping kids even during free choice time. Notably, there's been zero staff turnover in all the years we've been going there. There's a great mix of structured activities and choice time, and the kids are divided into age-appropriate groups for much of the day. Not only is Rose City Day Nursery more affordable than other places, it's also flexible! We can add or subtract days as we need them...this is so rare in childcare! We've been able to adjust childcare to meet the needs of our varying work schedules, we don't have to pay for days that we don't use while on vacation, and we can add extra mornings or full-days for appointments or other things that come up. More importantly, Rose City has prepared our children for Kindergarten. There may be newer programs with fancier facilities in town, but there is no place else we would send our kids. The teachers have taught the kids so many important lessons about kindness, friendship, sharing, and more. Rose City has been a second home to my children, and the teachers are like family."



"I can't say enough wonderful things about RCDN; they taught my son patience, body awareness, politeness, and how to be caring during his time there. I appreciated that each teacher took one on one time with my child and taught him not only the fundamentals of pre-k, but also to push in his chair, say thank you, make eye contact when speaking to someone, to color inside the lines, and work towards success. We felt very prepared for kindergarten, not only socially and academically, but also understanding school is for learning not just playing.  Also - the flexibility and billing were very convenient and a great value for the quality of the care. I can't say enough about this program."

"We love Rose City Day Nursery! Our two boys were excited to come here every morning. Theresa and Shari are super patient with the children and they creatively teach through play and wonderful art projects. I love how the kids were taught good manners, including proper table manners. My boys even tried new foods  from the menu (that they were not willing to try at home) that they enjoy even today. The art projects are age appropriate and even look great and stylish on our walls. And the best of all: all the wonderful toys Melody has to offer to the children that seem to have disappeared from other daycare centers. My boys were happy here and most importantly:  they had fun, learned through play, and still talk about Melody’s place!"

"We can't say enough great things about Rose City Day Nursery." Our son absolutely loved it.  He made great friends, loved all of the teachers, and he still talks about his time there (he's currently in 2nd grade).  Melody, Theresa, Shari and Jocelyn are all so sweet and sincerely care about the kids.  My son would never nap for me at home but he loved napping there, he said the cots were so comfortable and I think it helped being in a group setting where everyone else was being calm and napping.  Before attending Rose City, he was very shy with other kids but after spending time there he ended up really opening up and loved being part of the community there.  He loved snack and lunch time and still talks about how delicious the sandwiches were.  The backyard play area is great for running around and playing. I highly recommend Rose City Day Nursery.  It feels like a hidden gem in the neighborhood.  It is affordable, flexible, convenient, and wonderful!"

"All three of my children went to RCDN. My oldest is in 8th grade now. Melody and her staff reinforced what we were teaching at home - manners, respect, socialization, and acclimation. The teachers are wonderful and truly love what they do - working with, playing with and teaching young children. Melody, the owner, and her teachers have seen it all. They are calm and know how to work with these little ones in a loving way. Melody is willing to be flexible with families regarding schedules which is hard to find. My kids were prepared for kindergarten thanks to the teachings at RCDN. They still talk about some of the fond memories they have of this special place."

"This small, calm, peaceful school has been such a positive part of my children's lives. Both my son and now my daughter have so enjoyed their time there. My son, now in second grade, still looks back fondly on his Rose City days. He entered kindergarten ready to learn, which I believe is a direct result of Rose City's teachings of friendship, cooperation, and kindness. My daughter loves the big playground, the art projects, and the food! Moreover, Rose City is affordable and the hours and flexibility are a blessing to working parents. "

"Rose City Day Nursery is a hidden treasure for young families looking for an affordable, yet traditional and wholesome preschool experience. My daughter loved it! While at first it was hard for her to separate from mommy, teachers Melody, Theresa, and Shari provided consistency, comfort, and reassurance during this difficult transition. Plenty of song and structured play is scheduled into a day of learning, with regular free play inside and outside on the nursery's play structure. If you want your child to be ready for Kindergarten, send them to Rose City Day Nursery!"

"We love how structured the school days are & the teachers' expectations of children and parents are very clear. Absolutely no guess work, which is a huge blessing for busy families. The greatest gift for us though is how much our little girl has grown and thrived in this little neighborhood school. She is so independent and much more confident. We love Rose City Day Nursery & are a little sad to see her graduate and move on to the "big" school. Thank you Melody, Theresa, Shari & Jocelyn for taking such wonderful care of our little treasure!"

"We absolutely loved Rose City Day Nursery School! The school provided a perfect balance of activities and structure for our son and established a great foundation of knowledge and social skills for Kindergarten. Our son always looked forward to going to school - he loved all the teachers and made a great group of friends that we still are in contact with. We highly recommend Rose City Day Nursery!"


“Rose City Day Nursery is a little undiscovered gem that feels like family. Both our kids did so much growing up here and I’m so thankful this is where they got their start. They truly care for every child.  They made learning fun teaching and encouraging our children while preparing them for the next steps in their school journey. Saying goodbye after our years of attendance were sad days knowing we wouldn’t be part of this great little community.”

"Rose City Day Nursery is a warm, safe, and loving environment.  My daughter always looked forward to school on the days she attended, and there were very few tearful good-byes.  I appreciated seeing the teachers on the floor engaging with the students, and the kindergarten prep readied my daughter sufficiently for her first year in public school.  Some of her favorite things to do at school were playing outside, doing craft projects, playing with the toys, and doing puzzles.  I recommend Rose City Day Nursery to anyone looking for an affordable, neighborhood preschool."

"I share with people all the time how prepared both kids were for kindergarten. Not only did they know their upper and lower case letters, they knew all the sounds they made and were comfortable with the concept of putting them together to form words. They were also emotionally ready for kindergarten and being led through formal instruction periods and the expectations that go along with that. They also made so many friends in the area that they see at school and are still friends with; it was a great foundation to have some familiarity with their future classmates!"

"We have been so happy with Rose City Day Nursery! We are confident our son is gaining skills that will benefit him greatly in kindergarten. We really appreciate the flexibility in scheduling and the reasonable rates.  Our second child will definitely attend Rose City Day Nursery when she is old enough, and we always recommend friends to this school!"

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