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About Us

Rose City Day Nursery is a licensed childcare center that provides a supportive and educational environment during the preschool years. It is located in a peaceful neighborhood in the Rose City area, with easy street parking and nearby public transit. Our mission is to prepare every child for elementary school, both academically and socially. We take pride in our core values: kindness, cooperation, responsibility, respect, and learning something new every day. Children see and develop these values through daily activities such as group games, songs, stories, art, puzzles, dramatic play, and playground adventures.


Families can choose to receive care during the morning only, or all day. Each morning includes structured preschool activities, as well as free play and a snack, with children divided into classes by age. Afternoons consist of lunch, a nap, free play, and a snack. There are often structured activities during that time also. Both morning and afternoon sessions include outdoor play on a great playground!



Melody is the Director and has owned Rose City Day Nursery since 1973. Her children were attending the school under different ownership, and when it was listed for sale she bought it in order to spend more time with her girls and experience a life nurturing children. Since then, she has helped support and prepare hundreds of children for Kindergarten, including multiple generations of families; we have kids in our care whose parents attended the school when they were young and wanted to give their own kids the same wonderful experience. Melody takes care of all the administrative work and food preparation, and also enjoys teaching classes when needed.

Shari has been a Teacher at the school since 2006. She works with the younger children. In her class, emphasis is placed on learning a variety of basic skills including recognizing letters and numbers, counting and sorting, block-building, stringing, puzzles and simple games. Their abilities to listen and follow directions increase through art projects as well.  The class also has great fun with large motor activities involving music and movement.

Theresa has been Head Teacher since 2011, following 19 years as a Teacher at the center.  She focuses  on Kindergarten preparation with 4 and 5 year-olds, including creating an alphabet book with printing and art for each letter.  Theresa brings diverse group activities daily in all areas: art, games, music and movement, dramatic play, and manipulatives, and organizes “theme weeks."  Her class is inclusive among many diverse personalities - one of our mantras is "we're all friends at school!" Theresa is acting Director in Melody’s absence.

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